Paradise and Pain

Paradise and pain

Another day another dollar
Another lay another holler
Live a life full of problems
Bed filled with sex, brain filled with sorrow.

So lord who do I follow?
When love misleads
My mind misreads
And my heart fell off my sleeve
I’m enraged by these things
Paradise is intervened
By pain hate and it seems
I won’t make it to tomorrow

Stuck on this island
Feelin so alone
My companions are my lies
My lies are my clones
And my clones are what make me
Hastily looking for a hole

To bury myself deep down
Run from all the pain
Grubbing on the brains
I’m a zombie or a slave
Drove myself insane
Knowing you were my heart
But my heart I never gave
And my soul is in the ground

I turned my back on it fuck
On the other side of the river
My morals are alone&cold they shiver
And all to chase you, running from my fate
I searched for paradise
To stumbled upon pain and hate
And now I’m stuck.


3 Responses to “Paradise and Pain”

  1. heartfelt words.
    so long, how are you?

    contribute a free verse to poets rally today, bless you.


  2. “my companions are my lies and my lies are my clones” Damn, this poem is tremendous.

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