Being in a room full of people is the loneliest I’ve ever felt

Solitary confinement
In my mind is
The relative thought
And the relatives I’ve lost
Will soon fade to memories
And everybody else gets titled with ‘enemy’
Life shatters, things fall apart
Thats how things are, i know it from the start
The part that sucks is when hope seeps in
And you’re no longer alone because you think hopes your friend
So you hope for the best
Optimism for the organ in your chest
It won’t get broken it’ll be cherished
And so you use it, and before long this hope will perish
Your hearts in pieces
Your souls in feces
The positive mindset you’ve been keeping
Is the reason for your weeping
Then you die and that’s when you realize the truth
For all those around you, the only one you can trust is you


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