I feel the most alone when it’s people all on me
I could never be the same as I was without cloning
Is the song I sing, the tune I tote
Looking at things in black and white, as if it was the vote
Up is the natural feeling when I’m open
My words become a noose, these lines strung me up, I’m roped in
To one day fight to find a face to flourish through
All the torture and the pain that my soul is due
I’ve lived life to its full extent
But now I’m full of shit and my life is not worth a bit
Is the notion that I’m courting
Flirting with that bitch but same time back and forth with
But my life lost that long ago
Ducks all in a row
Now sucks is all I’m aiming fo’…
Or fore.
What’s the difference?
I differ from the masses because my language is resistance
Never going to fit in
Too busy being a stand out
I can’t see to the distance
Too busy moving past hands out
Hand outs and help are not my strategy
I strive to be alone so I can focus on staying mad at me
Only thing that matters and the only thing that never does
Me is who I love but still me is who I’m running from


One Response to “Me”

  1. youknow... Says:

    No shallow bullshit…you.

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