Dealing with the Future

Dealing with the future

I’m tired of disappointing
My heart and mind are disconjointed
Friction and fighting
The flame of conflict igniting
The mind wants to quit
The heart will not have this
Instead the two are at odds
While the soul sends prayer to the Gods
The soul attempts to mediate
The mind sabotages to deviate
Uses logic to sabotage the heart
While the soul seeks to be tangible so it can play its part

The heart is perceived as passive
But it really perpetuates the struggle
And success is the only goal of the mind
With no regard for what love do
Does, doses of love from the heart
To the soul, the mind abhorring the neglect
And spending every second plotting revenge
To destroy the soul and heart to gain the worlds respect

I use my mind to think
Of ways to not sink
But my heart seeks to drown
Engulfed in you, using your love as its crown
And left in the dust is the soul
With intentions confirmed to be pure as gold
Still unable to help the two powers coexist
So the mind batters the heart, the heart with no defense
So in future bouts the soul will abstain
From the war and the battle, avoiding the disdain
That stems from the tension that is proven to be real
The heart and mind can’t both be in the future, this is the deal


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