I display hearts to sleeves
Like lovelorn tattoos
And I spit philosophies
To educate you baboons

So lets get deep
Honesty is a policy that I preach
And I’m frolicking verbally
Your diatribe is just words to me

I feel nothing that you say
Because your feelings mean nothing
And to be honest my feelings went away
So all cards on the table, lets stop bluffing

I tell the fucking truth so I can be insightful
And all that does is draw ire
And light fires with old flames
And yet you bitches act so spiteful


Like, should I lie and say I love you?
Or just sit in damn silence
Because truth be told
Telling the truth beholds violence

So behold my brightness
And my minds exercises
Using words I disguises
My feelings from your surmises

Hiding in plain sight
Sighting planes as I hide
Play words to frustrate and start fights
My word play about life is sharp as any knife

Or sword or blade or samurai whatever
I stab you whores with the pipe
And women’s hearts with my light
The way and the truth, Jesus I’m so clever

And better than ever
Evident in these letters
Because I’m writing so crass
As I confuse your silly ass

Because my policy is to be honest, but I hide the truth under jokes and like a lie is how I’m vaunted
And touted and displayed
Definitely not at my dismay
Because whether I’m lying or not
My policy and philosophy is all that I’ve got.


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