The rules of the cash and everything else around me
Makes me feel dizzy as the haters try to clown me
And down me
Not frowning because the reality is
I’m rich on soul and creativity bitch

Not a rap song, more like an evolution of literature
Poems are how I get paid, send checks to my spiritual
Cleansing my soul, laundering money and love
Collecting gold and silver, gathering praise from above

As the girls ride on top
The cream evolves non stop
Coochie rules everything around me
And I’m drooling as these girls got me drowning
Swimming in the wetness
Your love has me hectic
All these other girls are complications
And I neglect the girl in my relation-
When I’m committed these bitches are quick to get me hexed and
Vexed and caught up in the most scandalous positions

My randomness is vicious
And guided by my spirit
As it was sold to the devil for the cream that I am smitten
So back to the money and the green that is my passion
Flashing of green lights tell me go to greener pastures
And faster
Never slowing down for I’m reaching to the crown
And the belt and the medal
I want the fucking gold so hello devil
Take my love take my girl
Take my heart take my world
I give it all willing
If it means I’ll make a killing
Doing what makes me happy
Working to rape dreams and cause nightmares
I’ll never fight fair
Because I want the fucking cream
So Cash rules everything around me
Or coochie ruins everything around me
And I cite realness evoked around Machiavellian-Thoughts
But can’t really even attempt more
So I create rituals everytime alliances must divide
And that’s to say fuck you and with my soul is how I mean it
If you don’t get me cream, either my pockets or penis
Then you don’t deserve to even know me
Because for the cream I’m a genius
For the cream I’m a Phoenix
Rise to the top with a vengeance
And kick in the door, right off the hinges
Don’t doubt my veracity
Can’t miss my complexity
I’m the sun, you’ll get burned if you stand right next to me

I’ve proven my point that the cream is my desire
Defining cream is the tough part and that confusion lights my fire



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