I don’t know


I’m heart broken because of my duality
And my mind games have my heart callusing
My faculties aren’t in order because my brains shackling
My soul to a wall and escape is getting challenging
I out think and out work how I feel
And still my heart paces when life without you becomes real
I feel that You leave me empty but at the same time you fill
And this sensation is amazing the best new thing since the wheel
And yet my heart still succumbs to my brains will
And the brain feeds off disdain and patterns like “kill, kill, kill”
So I’m murdering the obstacles
While murmuring something hostile to
Minimize the fact that my heart is like a popsicle
And how could you, ever understand this?
I’m back and forth in my ways I’m fickle
And in a pickle because my thoughts outnumber sands and shit
The grains in my brain belay the maze in my brain
I’m insane in my brain
But my brain keeps me sane
And my brain keeps me same
Because the heart Is such a fuck it’ll drain and it’ll drain
Until you have nothing left and you left with just a phrase


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