The Loser Says

The Loser Says
I’ve loved and lost
Lost my love
Lustful living
Is a costly drug
I can’t make her love me
Her love can make me whole
But I’m clearly in muddy water
In a shitty boat full of holes 
Cajoling and patrolling
Deep sea diving for the truth 
No snorkel gear so im drowning
Leagues under the sea as I recall my youth
Years wasted
Time misplaced and
Looking for futures in the past
Only seeing a titty and an ass
The worth that’s missing
In loveless kissing
Has me drifting through the tides
As I’m sifting through my lies
Grifting the whole time 
Like I’m sad about memories
When really I’m so glad
that they are filled with mammary
And man I’m such a lucky fuck
So I fuck and then I strut 
Stomping through the world like I do not give a fuck
But I’m too old now to not have earned a single fuck to give
So I wrestle with my mind to find out what the fuck for did I live?


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