The True and Trill Stories: Part 1

No Offense: Let Me Be Honest

I try to give my time to God
But the sin keeps interrupting
And it seems like times is hard
So I bottle the pain but it’s steadily erupting
It just seems no matter what
I can never offer praise
Instead I’m lost in a maze
I’m blind deaf and dumb, just stuck
Fuck, what’s a man to do?
When his path is strewn with the lewd?
Pay my dues and I brood
And instead of salvation I’m constantly finding nudes
It’s true that I yearn it
The flesh got me burning
A fact that’s so concerning
Is I neglect Him for the purring
And wetness of the kitty
It’s hectic in the city
I’m narcoleptic and I pity
Those sleeping alone while I’m sleeping on some titties
Gritty is the truth that my life ends here
I’m connected to this form
I ignore the soul and I’m neglecting my fear
That despite any deeds, this is the calm before the storm
Ive cared more for girls to swallow my children
Than living a righteous life and taking into account peoples feelings
But yea I’ve loved plenty
Fuck I’ve loved many
In so many different ways
And many more different lays
I rather have a morning awkward and a life full of sin
Than have to sleep alone, ever again
So I’ll sign my ticket, I’d rather enjoy life and go straight to the flames
Than live in doubt about heaven and without fun, you lames


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