The True and Trill Stories: Part 2

Yes Offense: Let Me Lie To You 

I must take time to deliver my penance
Been chasing these girls, the time made no difference
Intimate times incurred no indifference
Smitten with the thought about the skins I’d be hittin’
So they got treated the same and I’m sorry
I added numbers and tracked stats 
Grabbed asses and squeezed racks
Not to gain love, but to gain glory
I’m hardly the best to apologize 
Because the duality of my mind makes it hard to memorize
All that I’ve done, the hypocrisy of it all
I don’t remember half of the rises for all of the falls
The roller coaster must stop, I don’t know how to secure
The safety belt on this ride, the Danger has such an allure
So I thrive off the thrill and steal for my pride 
And still for the rise I fall for some thighs
To the Girls I get in beds
And bang at their bodies
Just to destroy their heads
And fill them with so much folly
I’m sorry, I wish I knew why I was who I was
So this day I pledge to no longer do what I does
I can’t stand myself, the way I scoff at the thought of love
So now my intentions are as pure and innocent as a dove


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