The True and Trill Stories: Part 4.5

The Prodigal Deity: Playing God with Girls

Oh lord, you’ve given me so much
And in return I’ve given you sluts
Or at least they were formerly
But now I’ve pushed them back to the church
By giving them my love, a gift that truly hurts
They’ve seen the err in their ways
The wastefulness of their days
And decadence of their sin as I became the man with whom they laid
Astray they were but the wolf was watching
Not the herd or the flock but the individuals lost
And then after all my stalking
They paid a hefty cost
Well worth it, they are back in your good graces
And I got what I needed, memories of their love faces
Disgraced with myself is the way I hope to be perceived 
Even though I’m doing Gods work in a way you can’t believe 
Oh ye of little faith
Cute smile, big ass, little waist
Receive the body of this lord, give me a little taste
No sparing of the rod, I’ll be patient and move with little haste 
I will blaspheme and sling words of heresy
And crucify myself for what I believe
Stretch girls out and have them saying God
So much that to a pastor you’ll be comparing me
Some poor souls will be lost in the process
But if my love kills them, they are going to be with God
Going to the pearly gates to join on the heavenly gossip
Like I’m giving salvation by taking innocence
This is the only way I can honor The Lord 
So no I don’t need that forgiving shit
No Hail Mary’s, fuck an our father, they don’t matter
I’m using the gift that God gave me to give back, so my back isn’t daggered
Or stabbed or pricked, I’m dizzy I stagger
And slur my words my vision doubles as I’m losing my swagger 
My thoughts my mind, it’s all going blank
And for the life He gave me, I never gave thanks


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