Time Travel

Time Travel

You’ve been dwelling on your past
Like Ebenezer’s first ghost
And so you’ve been blind in the present
You’ve withdrawn from all hope

To find love or find happiness
Anything that makes you smile
So my world has been dark
But meanwhile I’ve plotted with such guile

To bring you back to the future
I tease you about Kama sutra
and about yoga positions
Ways to stretch you out, I joke about my mission

Missionary’s and dogs styled me in the future to come back
And save you from yourself and the things from day to day you lack

I’m the newest form of the terminator
I’m the t-6-9
Built to give you what you need in between those thighs
And even in your mind

So take your head out of the past
Doc Brown really needs help
The flux capacitor isn’t working
We’ve put the Delorean on the shelf

So I’m the only hope
Come with me if you want to live
Let go of your pains in the past
Let god forgive your sins

For every failed relationship you’ve gotta give another shot
For every attempt at time travel one works and one is botched

I have to save you from the past
It’s full of your folly and torture
Bring you back to the present
So I can give you joy and fortune

I’ll be whatever you need, an ear or a pillow
Give your body shakes and shivers
Massages and licks that make you quiver
And together we’ll grow a love that will never whither

In a place far away and a time long ago
You tried love with whomever and the flower did not grow
So come, let’s try new soil and water that gives life
Be my future, Beautiful, be this time travelers wife


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