Allergy Season

Allergy Season

You can’t tell the truth
It’s like clearly you’re allergic
All you’re good at is deceit
It’s your only fucking purpose

Hurting, abusing, killing trust
That’s your skill
Leaving others to drown
Destroying their very will

It’s real yet it’s fake
The hypocrisy you’ve adopted
You say this and say that
But your actions within my optics?

Never match your words
So your speech holds no weight
Communication is like pollen and dander
Honesty is the season you must hate

So between the truth I hear sneezes
It becomes tougher to believe you
I want to respond to you with blessings
But god damn you’re so vexing
I’m confused and lost, not sure of my direction
I’ve lost my identity within you to the point I can’t tell you my complexion
And yet I stand here and stare waiting to know what is reality
And I’m growing impatient because of all this fucking duality
Casualties of your growth as a person are the ability to be nice and considerate
You think telling the truth is an excuse to be belligerent?
Fuck this and fuck that, I don’t know you or what’s real
I just know that the sight of you makes me fucking ill
So let me blink for just a second so I can see things clearer
As I search my soul for a way to break free from this mirror


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