I’ve stripped away it all
Clothing, the superficial
Left my feelings in the closet
And so I bring myself here, raw

Storms brewing
Brews being swallowed
Shallow thoughts about perception
Thumps of rain prove my hearts hollow

No blood pumping
My veins have gone dry
The succubus of love
Has left me little life

And even less fight
Or desire or will
Yet this fire is still
Burning away in the field

That we frolicked and danced
It’s small but solid; a chance
That the twisters will dissipate and you and I can consummate

I just want the visceral, something that’s tangible
A place to rest my weary head
A warm something to accompany me to bed
I won’t force anything, I’ll happily wait for the feelings to fade
So that we can be ourselves we can misbehave
So disregard all my posturing or if my feelings were true
Just recognize that this is me, me in the nude


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