The True and Trill Stories: Phoenix

The True and Trill Stories: Phoenix

The struggle to give fucks
Versus the struggle to give up
My pride does battle with my depression
Over the thought that “having to live sucks”
But I’m obsessed with the fact that
Men have to live tough
So I can’t mention feelings so instead I just ignore depression and continue to dig; shucks

It sucks, but I gotta keep fighting
Wielding this shovel like a blade
Aimed at the ground and I’m knifing
And despite that

The weight of the world is so heavy
Even worse
I hate and love in a way that’s so scary

But lemme man up
And hide that this shit hurts
Lemme stand tough
Rather than be viewed as in skirts

It’s womanly to feel
Yet it’s cowardly to kill
Because the woman that I filled
Got left with tummy pains like they’re ill


Another issue comes to light
And I’m ducked off in the shade
Should a nigga run? Fight?
Where did I put that shovel that I was holding like a blade?

It’s slight
But these are the mazes
that I contemplate days in
And out
until my fucking days end
And in the present
another issue, my girl is fucking Bae’s friend
Bitch another episode: your pussy’s been laid in


This is the life that we lead
Life sucks so blow some trees

Broke and can’t be fixed
God damn we need relief
From our god damn selves
We polluting and just can’t see
As we relieve on the world and piss off the one that’s creating

Fuck I meant created
I’m blazed
I need cremation
Creams and confections
To sweeten up these bitter ass creations
And in your vicinity’s where I direct em

To give truth to the slaves
And brains still caged
Hopefully to avoid you hugging on that gauge
And sucking on that metal to end your daily rage
Because you ain’t a fucking Phoenix, you ain’t rising from no flames

Instead your ass is?
Reduced to ashes
And the tray is half empty, fuck what the glass is
And now class ends

Giving a fuck doesn’t equate to weakness
Tell me what you got to prove chump
And I’ll reply with the truth son
You need to wake up


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