My Dark Room

My Dark Room

The shadows hug me closely
Hide me from feeling lonely
Comforts me with caresses of depression
And slowly strips off my clothing

In this dark room my friends are my fears
And the blood sweat and tears
That’s who I keep near
And what’s so far? hope- I left it in the rear

Because my visions become clear
The fog dissipated
As soon as my feelings of remorse were no longer elevated
Then my anger escalated

Like why is this my fortune?
Why the fuck did Jesus leave me alone?
If you love me, why am I tortured?
I hate everything about life, just give me my tombstone!

You pick at my skin
Let my scabs get healed
Dunk my head in water
Then my skin gets peeled

Salt in my wounds
Chained up, held captive from my tomb
Haven’t felt this pain since the day I left the womb
But Maybe my end will come soon

Is where I now find my solace
Solitude in my mind, mentally im polished
At what cost

Did I have that fleeting happiness
Did I see lights and tunnels
A future that I would run to
Just to be disgruntled
And faced with a reality where you’re not anything special just another thing that I would lunge to

And leap for
This creep tore
My skin
from my chest and my ribs
This creature just wanted
To check to see what keeps my fighting
What reason did I live?

And what did he see?
As he was torturing me?
A tiny piece of glass
And the reflection of his mask
All red and bloody
With veins and it was pumping
A thumping and throbbing
This red little goblin
Or demon or devil
Whatever this shit was evil
Because the pain that i felt was coming from within
So I cut my heart out, just so that my pain would end
In My Dark Room.


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