The Perpetual Haunting

My life seems to be stuck on a loop
Revolving door of coups and coupes
One night stands and nights when I can’t stand
And the bridges are all burnt, on this island is where I strand
Every night is the same courtship
All that effort for the exact same fortune
Lust or love, a night of familiarity
But the next morning is something I approach so scarily
Readily admitting at night that I’m available
At sun rise I realize that my heart is Unobtainable
I’m tainting you, with my truth
Taking you in these circles
Purgatory for my soul
My sins being forgiven must hurt you
So instead I never advance I just dance in this cycle
Repeating my mistakes, be a better man I’m not the type to
Can’t you see all the paths that I refused to travel
My footsteps stay the same as I tread the same gravel
And I ask not to be judged; no court no jury no gavel
My punishment; through all my sinning, I will never have you
Love, you escape and avoid me
But really I reject you, it’s annoying
At night I need love, I refuse to be lonely
But a lovely awkward moment is how it ends ever morning


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