Should I expand on this? Haven’t done a short story in a while

Once upon a time a guy had a crush on a girl. But it seemed like no matter what he could never have what he wanted from her. Either they were too busy or too far, he was involved or she was, or something. But eventually he said fuck it, and tried to have her be his. But she didn’t. She rejected him and told him that she was pregnant and engaged to be married. He accepted it and decided to just be her friend. Then on the way to her honeymoon, her husband died in a plane crash. She was distraught for years but always had her friend there to help. He had not been married ever. But she refused to ever get married again. But one day, he decided to propose. And she said yes! But sadly, that night, he told her that he had been fighting cancer for the past three years, ever since her husbands death, and never told her because he didn’t wanna add to her stress. She asked how much time he had left as they laid in bed together, wrapped around one another naked. He didn’t respond. She started to weep as she realized that he was now dead.



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