The “L” Word

The L Word

Boy meets girl
But girl needs a man
He’s too childish
Too focused one night stands
But they remain friends
She’s keeps him at a distance
And he struggles to grow up
His sex drive is so persistant
Every obstacle possible
Keeps these two from touching
But he says all the right things
He’s taunting and bluffing
Trying his best without ever making changes
And as he grows so does the distance
She’s expanded the ranges
From state to state
They can never be closer
But he is her best friend
And she’s his favorite shoulder
A soldier of love
They rely and they lean
Until one day he asks her out
And he gets her reprieve
Rebuked and revoked
He cries and he chokes
She cries and she tries
To explain what provoked…
Her denial to his love
and refusal to his desire
She discloses her engagement
And tells of the beau that inquired
About her hand and her heart
He went down on bended knee
And she responded with kisses
And “yes’s” in screams
So with his heart broken
He stayed as her friend
And attended the wedding
That she had with another man
And on their honeymoon
They loved and they flashed
Glimpses of a beautiful future
Until the moment their plane crashed
Her husband died, she was a widow
At the funeral her guy friend stayed near
But he never made a move
Instead he provided a place to put her tears
Three years later she was better
But confused as to why
Her best friend was still alone
He was such a wonderful guy
One day she told him, how she could never remarry
Then tossed questions his way about why he isn’t dating
And he responded by getting on one knee
And disclosed “I’ve been waiting”
He pulled the ring from his pocket
But was too choked up to speak
He cried and she cried
And then she let out a shriek
She said yes and they kissed
Made love on the floor
Then they moved to the bed
And made love some more
As they lay there in silence
She strummed her fingers across his flesh
He awakened abruptly and pulled her hand to his chest
And said “baby I have a secret,
Please don’t be mad
But I should have told you sooner
I bided all the time I had”
She got nervous and sweaty
Didn’t know where this was going
“Just tell me,” she stated
And he started disclosing
How he had cancer and said nothing
That his death may be near
That he kept this condition secret
For all of three years
She asked why and he said
“Baby I didn’t wanna stress you,
You lost your husband and needed,
Your best friend to stay true.”
She asked how much time was left
And she wept on his shoulder
But he was gone and she realized
The “L” isn’t for love, it’s lymphoma



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