The Differences

The Differences

We argue through these
You cry on your knees
About his flaws and shortcomings
How he doesn’t call and is worth nothing
But you still stick around
That’s the difference between us
I’ll happily find another “coochie”
You should find a more agreeable “peenus”
Genius the logic
behind leaving when unhappy
The abuse is emotional and mental
Doesn’t have to be slapping
Could easily be just being doubted
And questioned at every turn
Or annoyed and hypocrisized
Being told lies that burn
Like being treated as if you don’t deserve better
Getting promises boxed as gifts
The presents arent present
The presence of emptiness becomes what gives lift
To your goals and aspirations
Of relationships or relations
Relative to the fact
That we seem to be twins with no differentiation
You do what I do
And I hate what you do
And the hate for actions starts to spread and leak
Until I hate you too
And that’s just the worst
Because our visions become blurred
We can’t tell the difference
Between people that ain’t shit
And people that are trying but are just imperfect
Sin is missing the mark
Love is gifting a heart
To a person unworthy
Hoping that they will deserve it
And earn it and grow
Into someone much better
But they can never be different
And you know that birds of a feather
So the stock that you pour into
Those that you deem as beneath
Reflects your own lack of self esteem
And inability to face defeat
Or take the heat that comes
From the trials and tribulations
And the arguing that becomes the sole foundation
Of love and the spirit and sin and everything that I’m hatin’
The difference is I see no difference in relationships and relations




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