I have a thing for the unattainable
An infatuation with the nonexistent
Essentially saying I am selfishly blind
And lustfully listless

The bliss that is
My ignorances
Helps me ignore my sins
And abhor my friends

And still I remain
In a mindset developed through disdain
And pain and suffering
My story can’t finish, it’s buffering

And so tough it seems
To guess and figure out the ending
At each turn i twist plots
My fairytale keeps bending

I’m sending this line
Hoping it tugs at someone else’s heart
Because my (this poems title) leaks
Every time I start

To dig deep inside
Looking for answers and guides
To surmise who I am
To devise my own plan

But instead it seems I
Am destined to lie
In my own filthy sty
Of decadence and still smile

Because I am perfectly
And completely
But I embrace this truth
While you cuddle with deceit
Thus you snuggle with defeat
So let’s huddle and critique
A way to bundle up some schemes
And start shuffling our feet

For the future and find
presents from the past
Because presently my ass
Knows nothing except that I…
Am not



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