Bret Hart

Bret Hart

The best there is, best there was, best there ever will be
They say that love is like a flower; it appears my shit is wilting
Strewn across the squared circle
The best of all intentions
A career made of broken promises and broken down defenses
Picking on the defenseless
Elbows to the brain to further cripple the witless
The witness to this massacre on the psyche
A stadium full of women that have all come to re-fight me
They’ve all had this battle before
Shot sharply in the hart during our emotional war
And beat down domestically until they could take no more
Abused some, amused others, as i abscond through the door

The excellence with which I executed
Expertly eliminating girls in order of cuteness
My acuteness speaks volumes
As the four sided triangle isn’t our solvent
For the volumes of books that we search for our problems
All the women before can tell you with gossips
He’s too insensitive is what some may spew
His emotions are overwhelming is a lie, but true
He loves too much and it makes you sick
He turns his love off and treats you like shit
He always had another woman on the side
He couldn’t handle having a real woman at his side
He is too childish and too mature
He’s just too much
He’s the best at being the worst
And he’ll remain as such

Sharpshooters take place as They beg this to finish
Victory over love again, my record is unblemished



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