The Most Beautiful Corpse

The Most Beautiful Corpse

Living life with the noblest of intentions
But my actions: always negative, deserving interventions
Inventions and devices
Too crude: my surmises
Assumptions that I’ll arise and
Make it from the muck but instead I just surprises
And shock And cause awe
I block and defend all
From my heart, hidden by thin walls
Because death in love is the consistent picture that I draw

I don’t believe that love can really conquer
But I do believe in love and its failure is imminent, I concur
Con currently is the only thing my eyes see for sure
Pros are a distant memory and dead, no nothing to live fer
Assure-redly I’ll fight through the rigamortis
Re attain the life I love that’s filled with just torture
That only hope gives, hoping to one day gain Gods fortune
But chasing dreams and girls seems to be the gist of my corpus
and the list of my purpose? Short
It’s as if only God can judge me but I’m dying in this court
Called life, such strife that pain is all that I report
And my soul is tear stained, salt has started to distort
And weaken and rip at the very fabric of my being
I love being this mean but my tears make it seem
That my fears will start to gleam
And shine through my fake smiles, showing the remorse in between

The sheets, and the beds, and that cold coroners table
I died young and lived fast, my tale is such a fable
So tell me who is able?
To shelter me from staples
Because I’m hemmed up against the wall
Last resort is just to crawl
But the pain of my frozen joints is starting to kicking in
And the liquor and the pills has started to mix again
My brains gone fuzzy like what the fuck is sin?
And why should I ask some God to bless me and forgive?

Fuck that, I move on and provide you with disgust
A topic of taboo for the perfect to discuss
Because I know you’re all ugly on the inside
and I can see clearly that you’ve wrapped and hidden yourself within lies
So I forgive you for it all, my life and my death, it’s all warped and it’s where sin hides
I’ll leave it all alone, and stop penning the scriptures to these sculptures as I see the decadence rise

So love shallow live empty or switch em around and have fun
I’ve loved so much and so little, but that’s how my life begun
Began its so sad that rhyming at the end comes about with such force
So instead I embrace suicide and leave my poem as is, just a beautiful corpse



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