The Purpose: Basilisk

They say we’re born just to die
But I’m living life different
Experience every second
No permissions, just forgiveness
Document my actions in these poems
No need for witness
And no need for listening

Learn my lessons as I fall
Hit my head with Adams heel
As i slither and I crawl
Devilish in my ways for the hatred I make people feel

Still Whats my purpose?
To give people new ways of hurting?

Or become an idol to absorb your hatred
Or just to wonder and wander, never fulfilling what my fate is

The fakeness makes it easier
I smile without a reason or
Rhyme to the ways I get quesier
I love and live without believing more
Than in me and myself
The only place I’ve found help
My demonic obsession with me and I
Narcissistic sins in the evening sky

And through it all I’ve always felt forlorn
But now; me and myself, ripped and torn
New me sees the past and is filled with scorn
As I prepare for the day my baby is born

Making changes to be better than role models I didn’t have
Still it leaves this serpent confused and sad
Yet happy and hopeful, not mad
Because I’ll do what I can
To be an amazing dad


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