Focus 1/3

*sigh of relief*

My finances outta order
My pockets negative fortunes
My love is bankrupt
And some girl caused the torture
Cashing out for her
Hoping to get her to listen
She was wrong but
I still paid her all my attention
Remission from my mission
To cut her out like cancer
Medical bills piling up
Somebody tell me what’s the answer?
Can’t let her go
She’s addictive
Won’t let me know
Why im the mistress
Or mastress or whatever
You think of for a word
It’s never clever
It’s all hurtful
So I reach at you
Grab a shirt-full
Of your collar and my fist
it’s cocked so quick
Before I know it im broke
Paying money to the piper
Spending my time behind metal
Paying my time as a lifer
Because broke wasnt me
Clearly I was pinching Penny
Nickels in my knuckles
Punching Her until she dropped to her knees
And a quarter of the way in
My shit wasn’t making cents
She laid lifeless on the floor
And my heart had no residents
Because love don’t live here
No money to pay the rent
Not a dollar to his name
He’s also run out of patience
Gave the doctor patients
So that he could re-up
Money in everybody else’s pockets
His Financials lacked Fo-cus


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