the Blur

The Blur
Where forever meets never happened

I’m forever sweet and always bashful

Where the streets and sky share this caption

“I must squint to see through this blurred out action”

I must ration my heart in this place we mingle  

Because I know you’ll break it and my nerves will tingle

It’s where pain and pleasure dance to jingles 

Of bells from hell, and where I heard you’re single 

Because they’re dead and you’re mine

And my mind is offline

So I can find the time

To finally grind

And grit and struggle

For the love of another 

No brain to block me or look over my hearts shoulder

No chip on that bitch either, I can travel to the place where hotter means colder

And fire means chill

And life means kill

And we get lost in each other and forget what’s real

Because it’s all just a blur now

It’s where I can finally put the hurt down

Where goodbye and hello kind of melt into the same phrase

And our past and future ceases and it’s just a holiday

Long hugs long kisses

Strong love, no matter the distance

We blur into each other so we have no start and no end

And our relationship status becomes more than just friends

This blur is so close, the text is typed I just need to hit send

But I won’t because I’m afraid to not see clearly, so instead it’s just “until we meet again”


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