the Meaning

the Meaning
I’m at a point in my life where I gotta see things differently 

Gotta reevaluate the times when I was out pimping b’s

And that’s b for bitches not boys, be clear

Not homophobic at all but I’m also not queer 

Back on topic, gotta plan and strategize now

No more time to sit high and fantasize now

Can’t plot to lick thighs and try to tantalize now

It’s all different and I’m focused, let me clarify how

Spent my life fighting my past, wanting to be different

Looking at my parents and the flaws in their decisions

Feeling empty about it all, like a piece of me was missing

Forbidden now is to waste thoughts on the sinning 

I realize I built fortunes by working on Lincoln & Angelou 

Even more than I did when my hands were low

And my knees, as my body dropped down and I prayed 

Looking elsewhere for help to change me and my ways

So now my fear isn’t karma 

It’s that I’m not prepared for a son or daughter

Instead of sulking and sinking in depression my past

I work to improve myself so I’m not such an ass

Gotta make the world better so my seeds can grow

Make myself worthwhile so I have things to show

And teach. So that they can continue my mission

I’ll be dead and gone before my dreams hit fruition 

Fruits of my labor so sweet and so sinful 

How it all ends? My story has become suspenseful

I’m meant to raise them and help them live well

Can’t save them from evil like the Potter parents spell

But I can try my best and give them my all and

I think differently because now I see that this is my calling 

So believe me I’m all in, like the team from Cleveland 

No more lies and cheating, no more being mischievous

Raising a queen or a king, that’s what my dream is

And I thank God for finally giving my life some meaning


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