Rap is like Boxing….

Rap is like boxing..
Back in the day it was all about the heavyweights. And all the greats went against the greats. BIG and Tupac. Ali and Foreman. Had the Wu. Had Louis and Frazier. So many greats. Then even after the golden era goes, you get Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis. Jay, Nas, eminem. Again, the competition was there; greats went against greats. But now? We have the small guys running rap. No actual heavyweight rappers. We got some people that are really good, welterweights and light weights and such. Mayweather, Pacman, cotto, etc… But you see how they handle competition. Mayweather ducked manny for years then gave us a lackluster fight. Drake ignores all disses unless it’s from a singer or chick. You see promise in guys like Kendrick. Berto. See the correlation? But it’s a totally different game. Don’t compare Mayweather to Ali or Tyson. Don’t compare drakes run to that of Hova. It just doesn’t work. Same comparison could be made with basketball. Drake leans on his friends to be successful. Maybe even ghost writers. Lebron leans on his friendships to win rings. They don’t really want competition. But in the golden age? Magic went at Bird. Mike and Isaiah went at it. Barkley, miller, Ewing, Malone. Everybody. It was war. Just like in rap. East versus west. East versus east. Wu against the world. Wasn’t about making friends, it was about being the best. Things are just different these days. Accept it and move on or bitch about it and be annoying. 


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