Gotta move, it’s constant. The way we live life. 

Backwards or forwards is irrelevant as long it looks good right?

Weight on my back, I’m searching for words so I can shed light

Writers block got me backed up so I only find four words, this poem’ll slight
Fear, love, hate, and hope

Are the forces that dictate the directions on life’s boat

You gotta row through the hate, to find the love

And hope that you can beat your fear, and see what you’ve be become 

Future shining brighter as my pen is getting lighter

Ink spills on the page like blood does from a fighter

Right or

Wrong doesn’t matter with the one I chose; fear

Just matters if it’s in the front or in the rear 

In front of you it holds you back

That’s why you’ve got to switch it up and put it to your back

It’ll push you forward, let fear help you win, never lose

Or fail before you begin, what direction do you choose?


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