Pride Meets Pain

Keep so much compressed to stay composed
My smile on my face is fake, superimposed 

Gotta hide it, keep my heart and soul shrouded in shadows

Shaded by depression, silent but my volume is as loud as it goes

And who knows is no one, maintain my solitude

Stay stoic in my poses, pretend I’m a solid dude

Never shaken by a thing, stay in my place and stay strong

But behind all my fakeness while I sit and stare at asses in thongs?

Is the pain of a guy that just doesn’t know his direction

Went from faking all emotions to get girls on my erection 


Pops up from the crowd of public opinion

Motivated to be honest but keep lying to keep up defenses

And these fences are fragile like my spirit

Drowning in anxiety, refusing all help, unable to listen

I glisten in the light but the shadows make me happy

Because brightness seems to highlight how reality is crappy

Sappy? Yes. Woe is me is my song 

I’m home with these Feelings, comfortable with being alone 

So so long to the people looking for me to be my best

And goodbye to the beating that used to percuss on my chest

Can’t fathom or swallow how my life is in shambles

My pride is what I lean on, and I know it’s such a gamble

Because it’s weak, nothing there, no way to stand tough

Only a matter of time before I decompress and confess and ultimately give up 


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