Is sadness everlasting?

Or as fleeting as the passions? 

Will you fill this hole in my heart?

Or leave it like this glass is?

Empty and shattered, because I smashes

Classless; the way that I degrade with my crassness

Brashness my friend when I’m faking like I grasp it

But really my lungs have collapsed and I’m no longer even gasping

Lifeless but alert

that my life just isn’t worth

A smile nor a smirk,

or acknowledgement that I was hurt

And knowledge said this wouldn’t work

And that you would just besmirch 

Like every other thing in a skirt


when they get ahold of what my shirt


Fucking thugs

My chest is tight and it’s constricting

My life flashes and it’s glistening

I’m seeing moments of me missing

Covered by pounds of your makeup of what you wanted me to be on my mask that i wasn’t lifting

My tangent 

Has left my brain damaged

And it’s pungent right now 

In this dungeon, a light found 

Is just hope but I have less

So I combine those shits

Because tomorrow’s never promised

And thank god because those are squandered

And dreams get pilfered

So this is my nightmare and I refuse to filter

Like flint

I’m at a loss because my mind has been spent

I have no Pennies left, I’ve lost my two cents

To the rapist that broke the locking of our pinky fingers

I’ve got no sense to walk away from your love so I just linger

I ramble through my thoughts because my oxygen is low

I reach my hand up to the ceiling because I see a slight glow

And I hope that it is the warmth of something good

Dont know what to do with it anyway, wouldn’t accept it if I could

Because Im used to 1 love and 1 pain, the brand that you deliver

The kind that makes me itch, the kind that makes me shiver

So instead of trying to grip it?

I say fuck it and keep slipping

Down this same old path

Holding on to my same old wrath

And rage and hate for this cycle of perpetuity

This mood is my reality, I want nothing but you and me



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