I’m at my breaking point

And the cliffs edge looks sexy 

Ive written my suicide note

It’s getting sent through texting

I’m thinking come see me fall

And so I Cc: All

Hoping that someone cares enough to give me a call

And maybe be my saving grace 

I say that it is way too late 

But really I need attention and im hoping that what I crave today

Is turned on high as I receive it, why?

Because this wind up this high is kinda deceiving, die

Is what might happen if a gust has the thrust

That my legs just don’t

Or if my cowardice takes a break because my depression just won’t

It never lets up and so I’m always here

At the end of my wits

Fighting and slicing through life And tussling with fear

Same as my skin, when it’s hit with slits

So I quit this shit

I won’t miss this shit

Tortured by thoughts of what ifs and handcuffed by hopes of what isn’t

And never could be

I’m never choosy

So long as I’m gone couldn’t care less about a funeral or wake viewing

Splat on the ground, or a cobain to the brain

Or percocets in my system until time stops, not just delayed

And that’s just fine because I’m trapped

So I think I’m going to lean forward, with no slack

The cliffs edge is where my feet can relax

And so I’m done!

Don’t even text me back 


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