It’s crazy that you lay and love the sound of my heart beat

Because since your birth, you’re the only reason I have one

You keep me going when the forecast seems shitty

I always know it gets better because I have a sun

My shining light that guides me

Your love, it overrides me

And my desires to be free

My decadent ways to destroy any and everything

Forever mine forever me, Augustus you’re so special

I always need my space but with you, you’re my exception

You’re annoying and you know it and you love it so much

And I’ll never stop fighting, no matter how tough

To figure out how to show my heart

Even if it means to cut it out

For you I’ll always speak my mind

For you I’ll learn how to not shut you out

Instead I’ll start to shout it out; scream it from my diaphragm

If this lesson takes forever, I’ll show you my love to the day I’m dying man

And your counterpart has me crying man

Because I love the one that gave me you

But it’s harder to show your mom this side, sometimes it seems sustainable

And other times it isn’t, so I hide from your moms vision

Because I’m a wordsmith that’s left wordless

When it comes to showing gratitude

Instead I get confused and get shy and show my fucking attitude

She deserves better than I think I can ever be

But so do you, and I’m never leaving, so you’re both stuck with me

I’m so imperfect and irregular

My flaws shine like a beacon

And I hope to God that you won’t have them

I’d rather make a deal with a demon

Sell my soul to save you from me

Daddy will die if it could make you two more complete

self destructive ways have always been my wave

But for my son and his mother, I’d like to pledge on this day

I will improve and beat the dead trends of the daddy that spawned me

I will learn to love and care forever even when the class has me yawning

I will fuck up over and over, but I won’t forget to fix it

And I’ll find a way to shut up long enough to show you both I can listen

I’ll stop trying to be broken alone and find glue to fix the shattered parts of me

I promise these things as long as you promise to forever love my heart beat…


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