Please tell me that this shit is everlasting

I just got a taste. But I feel like I was fasting


For air and now it’s clear

That you are what I need so I fight to keep you near


That one day you’ll wise up and bounce

Rise up and leave after draining me of my last ounce


The pain that you bring

When I ask you stay but you still just leave


Find it in your heart to keep going

I promise I can do better, I promise I’ll keep growing


My way out of this ditch

I dug my own grave, I made my own pit


And now I’m too weak to keep climbing

So I’ll sit in my sorrows, I found my end in my mining


The thing that I always desired

A place to be alone, solitude I’ve acquired


So I’ll nap in this dirt

I’ll tuck myself in with the worms, whisper sweet nothings as I flirt

With death…

I can’t articulate the euphoria that I’m grasping

So I’ll shut the fuck up and enjoy the pain, everlasting


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