The Purge

The Purge

It’s dark out

And I know you’re feeling lonely again

Wandering these streets, the lights’ flicker is your only friend

But it’s fickle

And never seems to be there when you need it

I know you’re afraid that the shadows become an opportunity for heathens

To creep up and take advantage

Cause emotional damage

Torturing you with their love

This road’s hard, how do you manage?

To keep navigating. Searching for the right one.

So dangerous being here alone, you don’t have a knife, gun,

Or pepper spray or whistle

Baby girl they’re gonna get you

Why is your heart on your sleeve?

How do you still believe?

In love…

Because me? I gave up way back

Purged myself of these feelings so I could only say facts

Not influenced by heart or soul, you see I made pacts

With the devil for that shit, for the day when I lay flat

But you somehow persevere

You smile through your fear

You love likes it’s your last day

You ignore their past ways

You give and you give until you find yourself empty

And all these guys are predators, you’re a walking lick to them, simply

I’m trying to state it gently so as not to be hurtful

But how the fuck are you still able to love after everything that these jerks do?

How is your capacity to care so much higher than mine?

Why did I get my heart broken and decide to just hide?

Why do you look in the face of a bad guy and see the good?

Why am I afraid to look in the mirror, or do the things that I should?

I should fight back, try to find something better for me

I should probably take the time to address all my mental health needs

I need to open up, be honest about my sins

I should apologize to every relationship that I ever let end

Because I wasn’t ready or because I was afraid to try

I’m feeling weak right now because I see you and realize you aren’t afraid to die

You love so hard and you trust so fast

Your time’s running out so you just enjoy the moment, you make that shit last

I want to be like you and be able to love, I have this urge

I’ve got to kill my past ways, Pardon me while I Purge


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