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The Dozens


It’s like… 2 am and I swear I can’t sleep

Try to will myself to dream, but my will is too weak

I lay still as time kills, trying to count some fucking sheep 

But I’m scared to shut my eyes, nightmares are on the creep
Sheesh, this shit is deep, my brain won’t stop the run 

Climbing through my thoughts, but a mountain they’ve become

From right here I look down and it’s all so scary

Reflecting on my past and skeletons I thought were buried 

It’s hectic how my ass has managed to manage what I carry

Baggage swinging all around and I just pivot and parry 
Deflecting all the questions, dress my outsides up nice

Provide a front for all your eyes, but it’s really just a slice

Of the pie made of lies that I serve you on the daily

To get to the roots I’ll use a pen and speak the truth like Alex Haley
My Rolodex of memories seems to be outdated 

And filled with outcasts

Lists of people that I allowed my ego to outlast 

Things would get tough and I would just pull out masks

To hide my face or make you wanna hide yours

It was brutal how I was as a kid, did no chores

Only committed crimes and tried to cause pain 

Because my mind frame, was a little bit stained

And tainted and tarnished, it needed a newer varnish 

But I was sick from the jump, I couldn’t tell you how it started
But I can tell you how it finished

Me mistreating some women

Making them all suffer

because my love was just


Our path was just rougher

And you couldn’t handle that shit so you became the disrupter

You became the disturbed and I became the perturbed

Eventually we both ended up being the one on the curb
And man that all hurts, and I don’t cope too well

I need to find something to help, maybe a hopeful spell 

I feel hopeless hell, because I’ve seen the worst of life

I just don’t react too it, I’m nonchalant to the strife

Because my path is socio

My logic is very psycho

So when I’m smiling it might mean that I really do not like you
Maybe not. 
Either way I found ways to play victim

Blamed it on whoever had ears and they would listen 

Anybody could get it, anybody could witness

The fact that I was spewing lies, blaming these women for my afflictions 
Born with these issues that I pushed on others

But that’s too much for part 1, look through the rest of the dozens 



February #KOTD Challenge

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So… I challenged one of my good friends to a sneaker challenge for the month of February. For the culture, for bragging rights, for fun, and to just flex my kick closet.  I knew he had some heat, but I wasn’t scared because I knew what I had. And the story that unfolded turned out to be fun. Also, local kick connoisseurs KC Sole did the judging. So here we are 21 days in, 7 left, I think it’s a dope time to recap.

Day 1 BHM Kyries vs Floral KDs

Day 2 Bourdeaux Jordan 7s vs Laney Jordan 14s

Day 3 Army Camo Foamposite vs Flint Jordan 13s

Day 4 Grape Jordan 5s vs Do The Right Thing Jordan 3s

Day 5 Dunkman Lebron 8s vs Cool Grey Jordan 9s

Day 6 Christmas KD 4s vs Solar Red Lebron 8 lows

Day 7 Aqua Jordan 8s vs Oreo Jordan 4s

Day 8 Liverpool Lebron 9 lows vs Gold Melo Jordan 1s

Day 9 Mumbo sauce KD 5s vs Playoff Jordan 8s

Day 10 Invisibility Cloak Penny 5s vs Watermelon Lebron 10 lows

Day 11 Bama Bo Jackson’s vs Ken Griffey’s

Day 12 Chicago 10s vs Reebok Kamikazes

Day 13 All star game Kyrie 1s vs Cement Jordan 4s

Day 14 All star game Fab Fives vs Columbia Jordan 11s

Day 15 Graffiti Lebron 11s vs Blue Victor Cruzs

Day 16 Allan Houston Flightposite vs Olympic Jordan 7s

Day 17 Tuxedo low top Jordan 11s vs Infrared Jordan 6s

Day 18 Black Suede KD 7 ext vs Georgetown Iversons

Day 19 Thunder Jordan 4s vs Gamma Blue Jordan 12s

Day 20 Platinum Lebron 10s vs Big Bang Lebron 9s

Day 21 Weatherman Foamposite vs Black/Chrome low top Jordan 6s


Day 22 Carmine Jordan 6s vs Flu Game Jordan 12s

 Seven days left… So much heat left!!
The countdown begins…

Last seven days..

Day 23

Pink Foamposites   

Kobe 2 Prelude  

Day 24

Military Blue Jordan IVs


Laser Jordan XV

Day 25

Dunk From Above Jordan 5s low top



Playoff Jordan 12s

Day 26

 Ferrari red Jordan 14  

Maroon Jordan 6

Day 27 

Playoff Jordan 11s  


Cool grey Jordan 3s


Day 28

Black Cement Jordan 3s


Concord Jordan 11s

Day 29

Coke White Foamposite


Laney Jordan 5

  …and the winner for the month is Montay.

The Life of Pablo – Kanye West

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I’m at my breaking point

And the cliffs edge looks sexy 

Ive written my suicide note

It’s getting sent through texting

I’m thinking come see me fall

And so I Cc: All

Hoping that someone cares enough to give me a call

And maybe be my saving grace 

I say that it is way too late 

But really I need attention and im hoping that what I crave today

Is turned on high as I receive it, why?

Because this wind up this high is kinda deceiving, die

Is what might happen if a gust has the thrust

That my legs just don’t

Or if my cowardice takes a break because my depression just won’t

It never lets up and so I’m always here

At the end of my wits

Fighting and slicing through life And tussling with fear

Same as my skin, when it’s hit with slits

So I quit this shit

I won’t miss this shit

Tortured by thoughts of what ifs and handcuffed by hopes of what isn’t

And never could be

I’m never choosy

So long as I’m gone couldn’t care less about a funeral or wake viewing

Splat on the ground, or a cobain to the brain

Or percocets in my system until time stops, not just delayed

And that’s just fine because I’m trapped

So I think I’m going to lean forward, with no slack

The cliffs edge is where my feet can relax

And so I’m done!

Don’t even text me back 


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Is sadness everlasting?

Or as fleeting as the passions? 

Will you fill this hole in my heart?

Or leave it like this glass is?

Empty and shattered, because I smashes

Classless; the way that I degrade with my crassness

Brashness my friend when I’m faking like I grasp it

But really my lungs have collapsed and I’m no longer even gasping

Lifeless but alert

that my life just isn’t worth

A smile nor a smirk,

or acknowledgement that I was hurt

And knowledge said this wouldn’t work

And that you would just besmirch 

Like every other thing in a skirt


when they get ahold of what my shirt


Fucking thugs

My chest is tight and it’s constricting

My life flashes and it’s glistening

I’m seeing moments of me missing

Covered by pounds of your makeup of what you wanted me to be on my mask that i wasn’t lifting

My tangent 

Has left my brain damaged

And it’s pungent right now 

In this dungeon, a light found 

Is just hope but I have less

So I combine those shits

Because tomorrow’s never promised

And thank god because those are squandered

And dreams get pilfered

So this is my nightmare and I refuse to filter

Like flint

I’m at a loss because my mind has been spent

I have no Pennies left, I’ve lost my two cents

To the rapist that broke the locking of our pinky fingers

I’ve got no sense to walk away from your love so I just linger

I ramble through my thoughts because my oxygen is low

I reach my hand up to the ceiling because I see a slight glow

And I hope that it is the warmth of something good

Dont know what to do with it anyway, wouldn’t accept it if I could

Because Im used to 1 love and 1 pain, the brand that you deliver

The kind that makes me itch, the kind that makes me shiver

So instead of trying to grip it?

I say fuck it and keep slipping

Down this same old path

Holding on to my same old wrath

And rage and hate for this cycle of perpetuity

This mood is my reality, I want nothing but you and me



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Fuck love
Because that other shit is permanent
She said she would hate me forever
And man I’m learning quick
That she really meant it
This feeling is so senseless
This feeling cannot last
This feeling shit is trash
To be feeling shit like this makes me want to feel my wrist with glass
And slice
But instead I just…
I fill my life with brashness
I feel and hope that it’ll cover up the sadness
And the madness but it fucking doesn’t, it’s endless
And I can’t make sense of why love left me defenseless
From this cold cold world that life gives, and now I’m listless
I’m feeling like if life provided answers, I really must’ve missed it
You came into my life and made me feel complete
But I never learned happiness on my own, this shit is weak
And I’m somehow even weaker
Because I’m dependent on this thing and I’m searching for it like a creeper
Stalker. Hiding in the bushes looking for you
Hoping I can be whole again, hoping I can be renewed
But instead I’m strangely feeling so empty
Love left me with potholes on the road through life and so I’m tripping
What do I fill it with?
How do I cement my path?
I can’t replace this shit with something I do not have
Since love left me, angst has been my tool
But the hole that love left is the size of a fucking pool
So I strive for hate and despair, until I’m fat and full
And I Ignore and avoid the strength of loves pull



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Gotta move, it’s constant. The way we live life. 

Backwards or forwards is irrelevant as long it looks good right?

Weight on my back, I’m searching for words so I can shed light

Writers block got me backed up so I only find four words, this poem’ll slight
Fear, love, hate, and hope

Are the forces that dictate the directions on life’s boat

You gotta row through the hate, to find the love

And hope that you can beat your fear, and see what you’ve be become 

Future shining brighter as my pen is getting lighter

Ink spills on the page like blood does from a fighter

Right or

Wrong doesn’t matter with the one I chose; fear

Just matters if it’s in the front or in the rear 

In front of you it holds you back

That’s why you’ve got to switch it up and put it to your back

It’ll push you forward, let fear help you win, never lose

Or fail before you begin, what direction do you choose?