The back and forth is so tiresome
Wore the tread off my tires, to where you can see the wires
What inspires me?
The fight that goes on inside of me
Stress I’m carrying is fucking my back up like sodomy
The cause of the words I’m slinging forth
Is this up and down game we playing on this court
Like the ball’s in yours, I’ve checked it up to you
But you keep takin bad shots
What am I to do?
I want you to win! That’s why I gave you the truth
So we check it up again and you pass it back to me, refusing to fucking shoot
Shit it’s the worlds toughest dilemma
You don’t deserve but they still offering their forgiveness
Saying they’ll forget the indiscriminate sinning
So on one side you’re like “why the fuck?” And the other is like
Spinning, is what? The direction that my head takes
Trying to figure out this love is causing head aches
Frustrated to the point I wanna anger bang you and make the bed break
But I’m trying to let you go to move on you fucking head case
But you won’t
and me trying to do the right thing has got me tired
My muscles on fire from the effort of my desire
To give you something better and now my soul perspires
And shit my hearts crying
Because I’m giving you the chance to change and make a move
But if baffles the fuck outta me that I’m who you wanna choose
This must be a dream or a nightmare but which one? I can’t conclude!
Im drunk but fuck surfboards and love, I want the booze
So instead of waking up, man fuck it I’ll hit the snooze


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